42-30255 B17-F ( Lonesome Polecat II )

This aircraft was assigned to 351 BG Polebrook 10th June 1943, re-assigned to 412th BS 95th BG
16th June 1943.
It was lost over Bremen 16th December 1943 and crashed near Texel Island ( Holland ), with four crew KIA and six POW.

The picture shows a damage report, dated 4th July 1943 on a mission to La Pallice, detailing damage caused by a 0.5 cal case,
from a B17 in front of 30255. The case was deflected by one of the propellers of 30255.

See Delbern Crew in the crew photo section, for a view of the aircraft and crew.
95th Bomb Group Horham
Damage report  & photo from 95th BG pics

Photo below supplied by
Mike Darter